1. Stupid Jack 9th Jan 2014

    bangkokblag, Stickman should stick to pointing out the best tits in Soi Cowboy, and leave serious Thai related comment to others.He seriously knows very little about Thailand bar nipples and arses and spurious "expat" bar related tattle....

  2. anachak 10th Jun 2012

    no bkb - what I am saying is that the ex-pats and sex tourists that post and email publications on stickman's website do not know what they are talking about

  3. bangkokblag 8th Jun 2012

    so what your saying is stickmanbangkok who has bein doin this stuff for years doesnt know wot his on about

  4. nick 14th Jan 2012

    you talk a lot of bollocks you do

  5. bitofablogger 8th Oct 2011

    Makes me laugh reading your columns