Borders, Baftas, and Biologics

Posted on 2020-06-04 by Chakers in United Kingdom.

What a year 2020 is proving to be. It's a strange world we find ourselves in where every Hollywood disaster movie unfolds into reality except for, and I genuinely have no idea why, sceptics and losers. Quite why some believe Covid-19 is the nineteenth edition I don't know. Why some believe it is a global Government scam to install 5G masts against the will of the people beats me. People refusing to wear face masks and Governments telling you not to wear face masks and laymen saying it is a flu virus and cannot kill and death certificates are being falsified to prove Novel Coronavirus is deadly. It is bewildering and amusing and frightening.

The virus is real and is killing thousands of people in countries that did not take it seriously enough. Statistics are coming alive with the reality that in the UK there are 38,000 more deaths than the same quarter in 2019, 18, 17, 16....... in fact while people are saying it isn't deadly, in 1951 the infamous H1N1 that seemingly never dies out completely, did not kill at the rate SARS-Cov-2 is right now in the UK. The last pandemic that was worse was 1918 when soldiers inadvertantly brought back a rotten cold that was H1N1 that killed 228,000 in the UK. They had no idea about isolation, no drugs to lower fever, hospitals provided little possibility of recovery. There were no oxygen pumps, no ventilators, no antibiotics. In fact for the five months it lasted they had no idea how to stop people dying if they suffered from any ailment making them susceptible. They had to battle through it with hot drinks, a blanket, prayers, and their own immune system. Children were seemingly immune to it, parents fell ill and lost jobs, the vulnerable and elderly died. Sound familiar?

The result in the UK is chaotic Government telling a weak opposition that the public want the Government to get on with it. get on with what I ask?

In 1951 people were issued with face masks for gatherings. Yet we can't manage to do that in 2020. In 1951 UK Doctors tried to save everyone. In 2020 we send infected elderly patients back to a care home with other vulnerable residents. The virus arrived in Britain in February and it informed us of its journey in December. Yet the Boris Government re-writes history claiming they didn't know and held Cobra meetings well in advance.

December covid shouts I'M ON MY WAY. February people start getting sick. April NHS staff are short of PPE and care homes have no protection at all. I'm just wondering if Boris held meetings with Cobra to make plans in November how come six months later NHS staff are recycling gloves and gowns?

We were told by a Thai Government public announcement that my wife could repatriate in March and I could go with her as her spouse. Meanwhile Boris was telling everybody 'Stay Home; Save Lives; Protect the NHS'. So we stayed home. We had jobs to go to so we did the right thing and stayed home. Then Dominic Cummings who was the architect of Stay Home went travelling around the country in a panic because his wife was sick and son vulnerable and what if Dominic gets sick as well? He seemingly forgot about the nanny. And forgot he had a sister two streets away.

When people complained about Cummings antics the excuse was he did not break the law. Which means the advice my Government should have given me is "Go to Thailand and sit it out in your lovely holiday home". We want you to stay home in the UK but it isn’t legal to make you do anything.

Priti Patel announces proudly that Britain will introduce 14 day quarantine for visitors. Everyone asks isn't it a bit late? We needed restrictions in February not June. And before quarantine even begins that is watered down to 'Groups of migrant workers will not have to do quarantine', and neither will tourists from safe countries, or people who have already had the virus. So it's just me then is it? If I go on holiday to France when I come home I have to do 14 days quarantine but a French tourist will have to do NO days quarantine.

And yet there is surprise that Thailand have blacklisted the UK. Thailand is going to allow people back in stages. But not us because we're in Britain. Not us because this useless gaggle of con-artists sold a dream of Christmas for grown ups called Brexit. They sold it by promising a fully funded NHS, the same NHS that didn't have enough PPE only six months later. They sold it by promising to secure employment. The same employment Johnson has just announced, and I quote: "I am afraid tragically there will be many, many job losses. That is just inevitable." In the same PMQs as "I am very proud of our record on the coronavirus response". It deserves a BAFTA when you can say convincingly those two things in the same paragraph.

All I want to do is go on holiday. But nobody wants us. I want to shop for furniture for our new house. But we are now not allowed in. So despite all the promises of September and if you have a certificate to show you tested negative and insurance to cover Covid-19 the only chance I have of getting home is Cobra’s vaccine research arm – 'Biologics'.

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