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Posted on 2019-03-24 by Chakers in Thailand.

The votes are in and being counted. Parties have been outlawed by the Military and members are all standing as independents. In Bangkok Lak Si there are 81 standing for selection. That's what happens when there is no party selection. It's a free for all. And every single one of those 81 are in it for themselves. Not one of them cares about politics or people or constituencies. They are in it to line their own pockets. This was not a good plan for an election.

I can understand it. The last time there was a majority Government TRT won but the coalition of PTP led by Yingluck Shinawatra was big enough to both assemble a Government and abuse the power. It led to in-fighting between yellow and red shirts and even gun fights on the streets that caused deaths. It's politics, it isn't something to die for, and the Military stepped in to put a stop to it.

This time the Junta decided all members must register and stand as an independent. Next quarter there will be a second election, more a referendum, on what type of governance the people want. The question being 1) Do you want a coalition of all members as in Proportional Representation. Or 2) Do you want members to form parties.
The second will probably win because red is still red and then they will be back to 2014 but nobody should be under any illusions. This Government will fail because the electoral fraud is way ahead of the Military. They are trying to rig this election so either General Prayuth wins outright or the yellow shirt leader Abhisit will be PM.

Princess Ubolratana threw her lot in in February only to suffer the disdain of her brother the King of Thailand who denounced her and that is the end of her Royal career as well as political. But Thaksin Shinawatra from afar in Dubai is pouring billions into this election to buy as many seats as possible in search of Royal Reprieve for both himself and his sister Yingluck. It wont work and it will descend into chaos and eventually into accusations of fraud and yet another power grab.

Meanwhile they know what a referendum can do. They have watched Britain divide and fall out. They have seen the decline in British tourists. They have seen the plummeting pound. It's so bad Thai banks don't even want GBP because it is such high risk currency. Imagine you are a bank, would you want to exchange 42,000Baht for £1,000 and then at the end of the trading week it has suddenly shot up to 46,000. You are now only going to get back £900. And everyone knows the pound is a coiled spring. If the UK decide to revoke Article 50 the pound will likely recover to over 50Baht within hours.

Meanwhile in Britain I am at a loss as to why this Government is ignoring public opinion. Ignoring social media. Ignoring business. Ignoring Banks. I don't get it. Four million petition for Article 50 to be revoked and what does the leader of the House Andrea Leadsom say in the Commons "Well it isn't 17 million is it. When it is then we'll listen."

You're not really that stupid are you Leadsom? You know if you held a second referendum that 4 million would be twenty million. May described the one million marching for a second referendum as insignificant. You both dont want to hear it. You're both pretending the public is behind you.
Why are you so dismissive of these people when you know this is now serious. Public support for Brexit has waned to almost gone. Nigel Farage arranged a march to show solidarity and that Leavers still want to leave. 70 turned up to march. You need to take notice or you'll do something the people do not want.

Thailand's Government wants a referendum despite seeing what a mess it has made of British politics.
Britain's Government doesn't want a referendum because it would be undemocratic.
Two fuck ups in the making.

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