Blame the Immigrants

Posted on 2017-09-14 by Chakers in Europe.

Big news item in the UK today 'Tourists are ruining Britains landmarks by piling up stones and could be jailed for it'.

I get where they are coming from with this but wouldn't a sign asking people to put the stones back after they finish their selfies be more appropriate?

Of course you have to have an expert on the radio to explain why but could they not find an actual expert? Did it have to be amateur archaeologist Brian Oldham, "You can pile the stones up but they won't walk back on their own. Someone has to put them back". Really? Has Brian the expert not heard of the law of 'Entropy'. How does he think the stones got to where they were before? Entropy isn't a theory, it categorically happens, you can build anything you want but over time it will find its own highest state of entropy. You cannot stop this happening and you cannot assist it. Time orders everything to its highest state of disorder and because humans are ordered we cannot know where disorder is. Sorry, I have probably confused Brian by now...

I have a sneaking suspicion that a similar so called expert has been called in by the UK Government to ruin as many immigrant's livelihood's as possible as punishment for Britons voting to leave the EU. The Government seem oblivious to the 'Out' vote result is because Britons are sick of unskilled 'non-inputting into the economy' EU migrants who cannot possibly be paying in more than they take out. This argument keeps being made by 'Remoaners' and 'PC Brigaders' that the statistics speak for themselves.

Yes the statistics do speak for themselves and the fact is 'Remoaners' tally up the tax and NI paid in by all migrant workers and then subtract the benefits being claimed by migrants which is an absolute nonsense. Add in the Tax Credits claimed, free school meals, housing benefit, Council Tax rebates, prisoners, offenders, education, healthcare. Then there is the services like Civil Service, Fire Service, Civil Aviation Service, Air Traffic Control Service, Military Service, National Grid, Highways Agency... I tried to get these figures and was told 'source of income and expenditure is not recorded by individual' and 'personal information is not subject to the freedom of information act' so I tried using percentages and guesswork and I reckon every pound earned by an EU worker costs the UK as a whole about £3.15 - No wonder farmers are worried about losing their labour source.
numbers from ONS.gov.uk, 9% of population is EU migrant 31% employed by agencies on NMW with an average working week of 3.7 days = gross economic input 7.1billion while 9% of public expenditure = 22.3billion and they have contributed 6.2billion toward the National Debt.

The Government's way to address this problem so that after Brexit we are left with migrants who do actually input into the economy is to bring in new rules now.
Rule one is naturalisation. Something that isn't available to many without relinquishing their Nationality. It will also cost me around £2000 for my wife and daughter even though they do not come from the EU
Rule two. New guidance for employers that insists any immigrant with a vignette (that's one of those visas they used to put in passports to say you have indefinite leave to remain) must be in their current passport. So now only new arrivals are allowed to get a job. My wife who has been here for 11 years is no longer allowed to be gainfully employed. Businesses up and down the country are sacking immigrant staff over it which is unfair dismissal because the employee has a contract of employment. If not these employers are breaking the law so please will you all stop applying the new rules retrospectively.
Rule three. If you have a vignette you must transfer it to your travel document and apply for a BRP to be allowed to work in the UK. The form is called 'Application For No Time Limit (NTL) And A Biometric Immigration Document By Someone Who Already Has Indefinite Leave To Enter Or Remain In The UK'. I kid you not this is what it is called. It took me a week to find this form so I have a huge personal cost of psychological trauma as well as having to pay the Government £474 and when enrolling at the Post Office shelling out another £38.40 as well as time off work.

I am used to the British Government ripping off immigrants. It is the way it is. But we have already paid for 'Residence Permit's for both wife and daughter and now we are having to pay again despite all three of us paying tax and NI with NO tax credits, benefits, or local Government rebates. Over the last eleven years between us we have paid into the system more than two hundred thousand pounds and our reward from our Government is to make two thirds of my family unemployed and my UK college educated daughter has to take the LiUK and A1 English tests. <- Which is legal insanity. She is English educated. She speaks English and what she knows about the UK she learned at school. What was Nigel Farage's favourite comment 'Baffling'. Yes it flippin' well is baffling you tit and this is all your fault...

Would we function better without the EU. Of course not but we hate them telling us what we can and can't do so we'd rather comply with their laws but it will be our own choice to do so. But would we function better without bureaucratic employment meddling. Well I certainly would.

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