Where is God?

Posted on 2017-03-24 by Chakers in United Kingdom.

Whether you believe or not do you ever wonder why? Because more believe than do not then the consensus is that it must be true. Or to put it another way the mob rule must be right - right? After-all mankind has believed in God for thousands of years so at some distant point in the past we must have had communication with Him and that actually some today still do. The Pope is on the top rung of the stairway to heaven and as such is God's Holy speaker on Earth. I mean, He must be, because he says he is.

But the truth is if you want to understand our being, our world, our life then you have to escape the shackles of religion. It is nothing more than a burden. It rules you, intimidates you, scares you into submission. It does not teach learnedness, it teaches dogma, it is self-serving. I'm not saying you should not have your faith. What I am saying is that you cannot see the world for what it really is when you try to apply Scripture to it.

The Bible tells us that the Word made all the stars and planets. But scientists can now see right across the Universe. All 14.5 billion years of it and in 2015 they watched close up from Cassini as a new moon evolved seemingly from nothing in just four days. The cosmologists were able to amass enough data to explain how gravity works and why it forms planets, moons, and stars and pointed the way for Prof' Jim Al-Khalili to associate gravity with time.

According to theologians the rules were put in place by God and is why the Sun and the Earth function together so perfectly and it will last forever. In that case He made a few mistakes because it is far from perfect travelling at an inconsistent speed around an unstable star that occasionally tries to kill us in an egg shape elliptical orbit with an axis that was tilted millions of years before Noah's flood so that in winter we are closer to the Sun than summer. But because the Sun's rays bounce off the atmosphere at an acute angle in the northern hemisphere the air is not warmed enough for us to call it summertime and neither does the temperature drop to Space temperatures (which would kill us all) because of the thermal reflection caused by greenhouse gases.

Whilst on the topic of Noah, God did not give him a rainbow to show he would never flood the Earth again. The dinosaurs would have seen rainbows in the tropical rain-forests 65 million years before. In fact you only have to watch TV documentaries to realise that none of the Bible accounts are accurate.

Day one He made the heavens and the Earth - That would have been 14 billion years. Day two He made the sky - That would have been a few thousand years. Day three He made dry land - that would have been about four billion years and is still ongoing. Day five animals - another one billion years and day six man which was instant and day 7 he rests and still does for the past six thousand years. So God also cannot make up his mind how long a day is. Across the Universe space/time is a relative constant. It never changes its length at a fixed point such as on Earth which can only mean Genesis is incorrect.

Of course the Universe has rules but they come about because the Universe evolves and the rules change to suit what evolves. The Earth is the distance it is from the Sun because of its mass. It orbits the Sun because of the Sun's mass. If you had a metal ball on a soft rubber sheet and tilted it the ball would roll in a downward direction. If you then place your finger on one edge and push down the ball will travel downward around your finger. That is what happens in space, the Earth is falling around the Sun and the Sun is bending space.

Because the Earth is quite heavy it drifts away from the Sun but it cannot escape because the gravitational pull of the Sun pulls us back again until the Earth's mass is such that both the Sun and the Earth are bending space/time and we are repelled away from each other. And so we drift away again. We will never escape our star and for the time being it cannot swallow us up because it isn't big enough.

In the 1960's cesarean section became the norm' because of new techniques and anesthetics. The success rate in c-section went from 3% to 100% in just a few months. Before that either the mother or the baby or both died so any birthing abnormality died with them. The genes were not passed on. 50 years later and 33% of women on Earth have a narrow birth canal and cannot give birth naturally. Women are evolving as bigger, heavier, and less able to give birth. Isn't this evidence enough that living things do not appear instantly; rather that evolution is how all things change?

Some would say that narrow hips are only evolving because of interference but it would happen the other way round if we did not save these women and babies lives. Women would naturally evolve into an hour glass figure with big bums. If women under five feet tall with submissive genes only marry six foot six Russians within a few generations the whole human race will be six foot six and that is how we evolve. It is the reason mankind looks different on each continent. Why we are different colours. It is why we speak different languages and why Germans have blonde hair but Asians have black hair.

There are many recent scientific breakthroughs that contradict every religious text from how we got here to us being unique and overlord of the animal kingdom. We are not, Dolphins give their children names that they keep throughout their life, Chimpanzees are practical jokers and laugh out loud, Killer whales who have never met before communicate and arrange fishing expeditions, and Lemurs go to war to gain lands and resources. In fact the only thing unique about us is our ability to be sanctimonious to the point of destruction and if I were to try this as a discussion with my mum she would tell me that Satan is playing tricks on the scientists whilst an Islamic extremist would say I am evil and need to be killed.

Nobody is tricking me, and I am not an evil person, I have simply learned to think for myself. It is the first step toward 'enlightenment', something I will never achieve, but at least I will have tried. If only others would try to think instead of listening to their preachers; maybe then they would not try to mow down tourists with a car and murder kind hearted public servants like PC Keith Palmer.

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