EU In or Out?

Posted on 2016-04-16 by Chakers in Europe.

I don't know what difference it will make if we are in or out. In fact, I likely don't care whether we are in or out. And in all likelihood I wont vote.

So I gave it some thought after a provoking comment by Mr. Racist Twat-NotEvenAnExpert of the Out Campaign who pointed out on the radio that Mr. Camer-In PM keeps on about how staying in is good for the country. What he is not saying is if it is good for me? But what difference will it make to me? Probably none.

I do think it is unfair on Thai wives that they have to go through so much stress, indignity, and refusal notices because they might be telling lies while a lying, cheating, thieving, non-English speaking Lithuanian can walk right in so I say let's make the system fair. Let's make it the same for everyone. VOTE LEAVE.

You can tell the momentum is behind the Leave Campaign because the Government in the UK is already stooping to low levels to secure an In win. All experts who are employed in a public capacity are not allowed to tell us what would happen if we left - except for all those who agree with the Government. If you have lived overseas for more than 15 years you cannot vote on the EU Referendum. The Out Campaigners are not allowed to exceed their campaign budget while the Government has used 9 million pounds of tax payers money to leaflet every household in the UK <- are they taking the f****ng piss or what?

So the UK exits the EU, what then? Will every migrant have to leave the UK? No. Because they have jobs, wives, a home, kids who go to school, some will even have a cat. They will remain and have to apply for a visa. And if refused they will appeal and have the right to remain while it goes to arbitration which will run into decades because there will be millions in the backlog not tens of thousands. Meanwhile overseas appellants (that's your girlfriend in Thailand) will also be waiting years because the Immigration Service will be backlogged.

The Out campaigners won't say how to handle this chaos but Nigel Farage said a long time ago that all migrants would be required to leave the UK. The last time that happened was Uganda and it took 40 years for the country's economy to recover. And that was also only 1/180th of the scale of immigration in the UK. The UK Brexit would be on the scale of pre-war Nazi Germany and probably with the same diplomatic disdain.

So if you want your Thai bride to come to the UK you better VOTE REMAIN.

Still none the wiser? No, nor me..

My Jo Cox Tribute - Stop the sycophantism.

One side of the argument is made by intelligent, ladder climbing, big earners who DO NOT know what it is like to struggle at the first rung. They were losing the argument because the unintelligent no longer believe the lies and the deliberate discussion avoidance.

The other side of the argument? We are not racists - we have had enough. We want our country back.

On weight of numbers the Out campaign was winning but here's my prediction. The referendum is four days away and in one mad moment an unintelligent fool who thought that killing Jo Cox would make his point, Thomas Mair succeeded in swaying the Outers that we are better than that, he has made sure we will vote to Remain.

How sad for both the Cox family and for Britain.

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