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Posted on 2015-08-04 by Chakers in United Kingdom.

Warin Greenway is a very pretty Thai national Post Graduate living and working in the UK. She speaks beautifully with a soft reassuring tone and with an inspiring confidence ideal to a translator. She has a degree in fresh water management, her dissertation was fresh water fisheries and environmental impact management, and she studied full time at UCB; that's the University of the City of Birmingham (whose entry level is NVQ).

It doesn't stop there; Warin Greenway has experience of immigration and has risen the ranks to 'case worker' at Corpers Solicitors. You can find Warin Greenway on YouTube and LinkedIn and she is well connected with friends such as Jennifer Housen who is a Solicitor at Corpers.

So why is Warin Greenway advising Thai immigrants on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uykSubu6Boc - that if their visa has expired they should keep their passport in a different location to where they live or work?

My advice is to apply for a new visa.

Warin's advice is to hide your passport.

My advice will mean you have to send off your passport to the immigration service who will set your status to 'In Process'. In this state the Police and Border Agency cannot arrest you, you are not an illegal immigrant, and you are entitled to work and claim benefits.

Warin's advice will mean your status will be 'Overstay/No Visa'. This will allow the Police to arrest you at any time and Border Agency staff to imprison you, your employer can be fined up to £20,000 and your Landlord, which includes husbands or mother-in-law, can be fined £500 or persistently assisting an illegal immigrant can lead to imprisonment, and you are not entitled to health care or benefits.

But this isn't about which of us is the best immigration advisor, this is proof of why you should not use litigants or agents.

Why? - Because Warin is inciting Thai immigrants to commit a criminal offence and the question isn't about her lack of immigration knowledge; it is about why!

Corper Solicitors is a firm of litigants so it is not required to register with the OISC as it already is qualified to provide legal advice. The same cannot be said for Jennifer Housen who is a qualified solicitor but is not qualified to provide immigration advice. Neither is Jennifer Housen listed as an advocate employed at Corper Solicitors and I would surmise that a Thai national visited Corpers because they realised their UK visa had expired which meant they could not visit Thailand. Meanwhile Jennifer Housen perhaps, working as an intern or article clerk at Corpers needed a translator during interviewing and came across Warin Greenway. Warin Greenway meanwhile is putting advice between Housen and her client in her mental filing cabinet.

This is conjecture but if it is even near correct then Jennifer Housen has breached the Solicitors code of conduct which I am sure Corpers would be horrified to discover, maybe. And Warin Greenway is guilty of breaching the aforementioned but unknown immigrant's right to privacy. A Lawyer cannot continue to defend a case if you admit to committing the criminal act so advising you to do so is reprehensible.

Would you the reader be upset if because of this post the Law Society started an investigation?

Or would you be more upset if they didn't?

But most of all; would you want to use a law firm that has no respect for the law?

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