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Posted on 2010-06-15 by Chakers in Thailand.

Those familiar with Thailand are already laughing. But I am serious. And so is the arrival of the PC Brigade. Yes I appreciate that the Thai expression for a black African is chocolate man, and those who did not know will now be giggling, but Thai say it in all seriousness. A chap at the airport once said to me "Thais are the biggest racists going". He is not wrong because the nannying little minority support group with huge PC clout has convinced the western world that any preference to a particular race is no longer patriotism, it is racism.

While transiting through Dubai one year a guy working there said to me in jest "Thai's are mercenary with money". It's true, they will take anyone's money, they have no shame. Which means you can be a sitting duck if money is in your pocket and they will order something expecting you to pay for it without even asking. But this isn't because you are a farang and rich, it is just their way. Another way demonstrable was a mate of mine in Bangkok and I were talking about a bargirl who was quite nice and he said he couldn't take a girl like that home because of the tattoo on her breast that just yells out 'Hey I'm a Bargirl'. I said he would be safe going home at that time of night surely, but he was having none of it, because it could cost him work, and what would the neighbours say, as well as if his boss found out he would suffer a loss of 'face'. This loss of 'face' is a problem in Thailand. Any dispute has to have a negotiated settlement even if the other guy is wholly culpable.

In Shropshire is a little known office of Equal Opportunity and Race Relations. One of the office doors proudly displays the brass name plate with 'Amena Begum Health and Social Equality Co-ordinator'. I'll be honest, I don't know what that is or what it means but I have not lost so much contact with the mainstream normal society that I am unable to understand what it represents. But Amena Begum cannot! I mean think about it, Ms. Begum at a guess is a member of an ethnic minority, which means she does not qualify as a normal member of society to be this co-ordinator. Then there is the highly questionable equal rights to health services. You do not need an office of equalities to ensure such a thing. The NHS is probably the worlds leading body for equality. And 'social equality'? Social equality is built on hard work and community spirit so I cannot see how this can be co-ordinated. Really co-ordinator is another way of saying 'make sure you get the same as everyone else' because her job is to get something for an immigrant whether they are entitled to it or not.

I used to be a sheet metal worker and spent years bashing tin in a workshop that had an inevitable affect on my hearing. Doesn't bother me much but I do occasionally get woken at night with the whistling. One day I saw an advert by the government explaining that there was a special fund that would pay out £7000 as compensation to help pay for assistance for permanently damaged drums. I'm one of those so I called and arranged the government doctors' examination. At the surgery were about a hundred people of different ethnic backgrounds and one white English man. The doctor looked in my ear and said 'yes, fill in this form and you'll get your compensation in about 12 months'. When the lawyers called me I told them the truth that this had happened several years before, but because of the rules I was not entitled. I later discovered that you had to have developed the problem within the last two years and that most of the successful claimants were on an FLR visa meaning they had been in the UK less than two years. An immigrant was entitled, and I was not.

Have you noticed that the chairman of the Equalities Commission, who is Trevor Philips, is black? Or Amnesty International who was Gita Sahgal who was followed by Irene Khan who was succeeded by Salil Shetty. The chairman of Liberty is Shami Chakrabarti. All of these people are university educated with PhD, BSc, and LLb but they were all chosen for their ethnic origin and not their suitability. This is political correctness on steroids. Trevor Philips was forced to resign under a cloud along with four other board members over a deliberate fraud that cost the tax payer £360,000. The Commission needed a new chairman but none of the potential candidates were of ethnic origin so they gave the job back to Trevor Philips. But the sad truth is there is no longer anything that has equal opportunity in the UK. If you are a racist, you are white. If you can park your car near a shop you are a disabled badge holder. If the doctor can make a home visit you are disabled. If you can get a job in media you are gay. There are pubs for lesbians only and activist groups for everything from living in the countryside to being the only black, under 18, gay, Nepalese, orphan.

It has become difficult even to pass new legislation because of this PC insanity. A commissioned report in the UK discovered that "a disproportionate number of black children are in care homes without potential foster parents". This tells me that a disproportionate number of black men do not take their responsibilities seriously. It also tells me that black girls are quick to dump the kid they do not want. It also tells me that black couples are not interested in fostering kids. But for saying this I am labelled a racist. Meanwhile several white couples tried to adopt black children and were refused because it would not be healthy for the child to be brought up not in conjunction with their traditions. If that wasn't ridiculous enough, a devout Christian black couple were also refused because they would indoctrinate the child with their beliefs. This presumably is why black children do not get adopted and remain in care homes because the only likely foster couple of any sort will have some sort of moral fibre that will most often, especially if they are afro-Caribbean, include being church goers and surely that is exactly the kind of upbringing that will over time reduce the street violence and robbery that is mostly committed by black men from a broken home.

Up and down the entire country all shopping centres have carparks that are full to brimming with the exception of disabled spaces. Why can I not use one of these spaces? If I can't find anywhere to park but I need to shop I need to put my car somewhere just as much as a disabled badge holder does. Why are there lanes in the road for two people in a car when I also need to get there. I have no choice about travelling alone, I am a mobile technician. Yet I sit in a traffic jam with no one able to use the inside lane. It is barking mad. I pay for the bloody lane but I can't use it. My taxes etc pay for the shopping centre to be developed but I can't park in it. Only people whose input into society is nil are allowed to use what 'normal' people have to pay for.

You can't put a window in the side of your house. You can't light a garden fire. You mustn't overfill your wheelie-bin and you are only allowed one bin bag, which causes thousands of journeys to the 'tip' in cars pouring out more CO2 than garden fires and two bin liners. A council wanted to put microchips in their wheelie-bins to save £30,000 a year but the Civil Liberties activists put a block on that for spying on what you put in your bin. We can't have ID cards for the same reason. White van man can't smoke a cigarette while driving. You can't assault a burglar in your own home nor are you allowed to say who or what you prefer within your home. Bed and Breakfast owner Susanne Wilkinson had to pay out £3,600 compensation to gay couple Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy for refusing them a room. Now she is up against another couple, Michael Black and John Morgan for the same reason. Where the hell has the common sense and individual liberty gone? Why isn't Shami Chakrabarti defending the rights of Mrs. Wilkinson in court? It's her house, she should be allowed to decide who can rent a room there, she is the one being victimised not the gay couple.

I saw an advert' on a forum for waitresses in a Thai restaurant. Someone pointed out that the vacancy was open to any nationality and the poster confirmed that was the case. Why? Has the whole of Britain gone barking mad. If I go into a curry house I sort of expect the waiter to be an Indian or Bangladeshi and I hope the cook is traditional. The same goes for any other food. I do not expect to be served Thai food in a Thai restaurant by a white Anglo-Saxon. If I was I'd be disappointed. Contrary to that is eastern block migrant workers who come to the UK and get unskilled jobs while we have British citizens on the dole. Wouldn't it make more sense to send them home and tell men on the dole they can have benefits and work for national minimum wage and I don't mean so they don't lose out. I mean get all of both. It would cost exactly the same but it would cut the immigration problem enormously if an Albanian knew there is no work here for him. Most of the illegal immigrants would simply go home because they do not have a British Passport or, for crying out loud it's about time we did have, an ID card.

Am I the only person in the UK who thinks equality means the same for everyone? Nobo make whiteboards, if I complained about the use of the word white I would be sectioned under the mental health act. I have to pay road tax but a badge holder doesn't. My step-daughter attends a school for one on one education because she is of ethnic origin. No English kids go there. Gay Pride receives government funding while Help for Heroes, Cancer Research, WRVS, the Salvation Army and countless others do not. It is never about equality, it is about tolerance, and caring for minority groups. The problem though is that it is my money, and yours, and countless others who if you asked them would likely tell you Peter Tatchell has an ability to get up your nose without even speaking. I don't want to spend my hard earned money on a lesbian activity centre, or free condoms for poofs, and nor do I give a monkeys about people who scream 'racial discrimination' every time they do not get what they want as was the case with a planning application in Dudley, West Midlands, when a mosque was refused because it would have been on land allocated to industrial use. Needless to say the council have been over-ruled by the government ombudsman on the grounds of racial harmony. Not that there is any when 800 Muslims want a mosque and 20,000 residents do not.

The fact is, in Britain today the mainstream normal, able bodied, straight, working members of society are last in the queue and expected to provide for all the minority groups that have an attitude instead of gratitude. I was once in a KFC heading for the toilet when a fat lazy bastard in a wheelchair grazed my left leg, ran over my foot, and pushed in front of me saying 'This is a disabled toilet only, you can **** off somewhere else'. A toilet with a disabled badge means disabled people can use it. You do not own it, anyone can use it. But this is what has happened, minorities have stolen bits of the English language, and toilets, and parking spaces, even footpaths are split in half for cyclists who according to the highway code are not allowed to ride on a footpath.

An immigrant couple can come to the UK and have a daughter. That daughter can be married off to another national who is then entitled to come to the UK and bring lots of relatives. Why? Many will say this is racist but why are they allowed to do that? This privilege should be for hereditary English people only. I am an Anglo-Saxon and I was unable to find a British partner so I feel justified in being with my Thai partner because my forefathers earned that right for me. What did an immigrant do to deserve the same? I have had this debate with people and their argument was based on racial equality. I am not saying people of other races should not have the same opportunities as me, but it should be based on what their input into the British society has been, and an immigrants input is zilch. In the last decade the Muslim population alone has grown from 2% to 10% and by 2025 will be 50% if it is allowed to continue. I agree that immigration brings diversity and culture. It has many benefits but the truth is 25% of Muslim men in Britain are taxi drivers. 75% of Muslim women provide no financial or productive input into society. This isn't me being racist, these figures I got from Trevor Philips of the Racial Equalities Commission.

When an immigrant is granted a visa to enter Britain it has endorsements. Rarely does it not say 'No recourse to public funds' and rightly so too. Except that, they can register with a GP, they can go to hospital for treatment, they can have emergency payments from the DSS for food, and by law they have to be housed. No recourse just means they cannot sign on the dole. They still get everything they need to live, and they get the extra benefit of support groups to make sure they get it. And just to make sure they are adequately catered for they are given a leaflet on arrival at the airport that tells them everything they are entitled to.

You know what I love about Thailand? Everything is the opposite of what makes Britain today not what it used to be. There is equal opportunity within each social class. The equality is 'you want it, you work for it'. Parking spaces are for everyone. If a member of your family is disabled, you look after him. Benevolence is something to be solicited and when you get it appreciated. Jobs are for Thai people. Illegal immigrants are deported without question. Thai love their Royal family and are proud of everything Thailand produces. According to Thai, the best bananas come from Thailand, and the best gold, and the best food, and the best women. They like people with white skin but show preference to Thai. They do not need PC groups because everything about their culture is PC. You dress appropriately, conduct yourself accordingly, work for the family, and charity begins at home. You look after your own and the monks, and go to the temple to reflect on the teachings of Buddhism.

In Thailand it isn't wrong to be 'normal', or religious, or patriotic, or choose your own ethnic preference. What is wrong with calling white people 'skin like rice water' or Africans 'chocolate skin'. I actually can't think of a less offensive way to describe either. Thai do not call them black or brown or darkie or that vitriolic Urdu word 'Agurra' or any other inappropriate word that actually doesn't describe their colour at all. There is no law to say they cannot nor any pressure group to get a bill passed because there isn't any need for one because Thai culture tries largely to be inoffensive. It doesn't always work, but when it doesn't, you seek recompense, which means largely people try not to offend anyone else. This extends to immigrants. If you shouted abuse at troops returning home you would be sent to prison. If you slagged off the Royal family you would go to prison. If you demanded Sharia Law you would be sent to prison. You do not visit Thailand and then slag it off without the risk of retribution.

They have also remembered the meaning of proprietary. If your son is a Kathoey you try not to tell anyone. If your daughter is a bargirl you tell the village she works in Bangkok for good money. If your neighbour went to prison, you shun him until he has earned the right to rejoin society. And if you know some gossip, you tell the nextdoor neighbour quietly. In fact, it is just like the Britain I grew up in. The one where the Doctor was the pillar of society, and we had Policemen and he could smack a naughty child or use his truncheon, and people said good morning to the Postman.

Last month however in Thailand Abhisit Vejjajiva did something that was not politically correct by declaring Bangkok's 'no go' areas once again belonged to law and order and the minority of red shirt gangs have been dispelled and have gone back home. Democracy has prevailed and peace on our streets has been restored. But at what cost? The western world largely ignored it with the exception of the PC Gangs. His use of the word 'democracy' is laughable. He was not elected, he sneaked his way in because of the military. His government was not polled or elected. He has promised elections twice and backed down on it and here's a prediction for you; The promised general election in November 2010 will not happen. The minority of red shirts actually represent 95% of the population. 230 Red Shirt leaders are now in prison without charge and 65 Red Shirt protesters are dead. They were broken up violently with 650 being hospitalised and their belongings burned. There was no negotiation. No settlement. And the government is culpable. The Red Shirts lost 'face' and that will simmer for a long time to come.

Meanwhile under cover of what was always going to be the headline grabbing news the government slipped in the 'Inequalities Bill'. I thought it odd that a country that introduced the Gender Equality Act in 1969 would need an amendment to it in 2010, but whilst men and women are paid the same money and can own land with equal rights, women can be a politician, but they cannot lobby government or raise a bill. Women can own land, but not if she has a Thai husband. But this was discussed back in March 2010 after a newspaper investigation found that inequality between the sexes was not improving. Vejjajiva rightly said this was culture not discrimination. It is eradicated with education not legislation. I think the last Labour government in the UK should take a leaf out of their book but no, this was nothing to do with equality, this was about political equality. Or how it should have read was Party Inequality. The ruling party, or 'Democrat Party' as it is laughably named, a coalition of four minority elitist parties elected to government by less than 2% of the electorate, a bunch of businessmen and dubious cartels, have introduced and passed a bill under the emergency powers act that outlaws the PPP that replaced Thaksin's TRT party. The bill is designed to prevent a 'Red Shirt' ever coming back to power. What is Democratic about that?

Our unwelcome western PC gangs are now belatedly voicing opinions about the Bangkok riots and human rights abuses but you are wasting your breath. Publicly you will be welcomed with open arms. Ambassadors will hang on your every word. They will be polite and agree with your western ideals. But when you leave, and you will because Thai can out-wait a hibernating snake, all your demands will be shelved indefinitely. And why will this happen? Because you are not the right colour and if they gave in to your demands, they would 'lose face'.

Welcome to the world of patriotic racism..

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