Posted on 11th May 2017 by Chakers in Thailand.

Creepy. Eerie. A 'not quite' silence that whispers "Junta". Nobody wants to talk politics. Mention the Government and you can see in their faces a wantonness. But they do not know what to say. In a restaurant the owner looked fleetingly around as if there may be microphones or cameras, Big Brother, keeping an eye on them so they do not say anything subversive. It is still the same Thailand, the same people, the same Government. It is still the Land of Smiles but there is a sense of trepidation among the 'natives'. That if you say anything remotely political that the Junta do not like you will be rounded up and charged under Section 112....

Where is God?

Posted on 24th Mar 2017 by Chakers in United Kingdom.

Whether you believe or not do you ever wonder why? Because more believe than do not then the consensus is that it must be true. Or to put it another way the mob rule must be right - right? After-all mankind has believed in God for thousands of years so at some distant point in the past we must have had communication with Him and that actually some today still do. The Pope is on the top rung of the stairway to heaven and as such is God's Holy speaker on Earth. I mean, He must be, because he says he is. But the truth is if you want to understand our being, our world, our life then you have to escape the shackles of religion. It is...

EU In or Out?

Posted on 16th Apr 2016 by Chakers in Europe.

I don't know what difference it will make if we are in or out. In fact, I likely don't care whether we are in or out. And in all likelihood I wont vote. So I gave it some thought after a provoking comment by Mr. Racist Twat-NotEvenAnExpert of the Out Campaign who pointed out on the radio that Mr. Camer-In PM keeps on about how staying in is good for the country. What he is not saying is if it is good for me? But what difference will it make to me? Probably none. I do think it is unfair on Thai wives that they have to go through so much stress, indignity, and refusal notices because they might be telling lies while a lying,...