Blame the Immigrants

Posted on 14th Sep 2017 by Chakers in Europe.

Big news item in the UK today 'Tourists are ruining Britains landmarks by piling up stones and could be jailed for it'. I get where they are coming from with this but wouldn't a sign asking people to put the stones back after they finish their selfies be more appropriate? Of course you have to have an expert on the radio to explain why but could they not find an actual expert? Did it have to be amateur archaeologist Brian Oldham, "You can pile the stones up but they won't walk back on their own. Someone has to put them back". Really? Has Brian the expert not heard of the law of 'Entropy'. How does he think the stones got to...

EU In or Out?

Posted on 16th Apr 2016 by Chakers in Europe.

I don't know what difference it will make if we are in or out. In fact, I likely don't care whether we are in or out. And in all likelihood I wont vote. So I gave it some thought after a provoking comment by Mr. Racist Twat-NotEvenAnExpert of the Out Campaign who pointed out on the radio that Mr. Camer-In PM keeps on about how staying in is good for the country. What he is not saying is if it is good for me? But what difference will it make to me? Probably none. I do think it is unfair on Thai wives that they have to go through so much stress, indignity, and refusal notices because they might be telling lies while a lying,...