Military Coups

Posted on 15th Feb 2021 by Chakers in Thailand.

SEA is used to the Military taking control of their countries. All 11 countries have had it happen and most more than once. Sometimes it has been low key with little or no fuss. Sometimes it has led to bitter Civil War at the profit or expense of surrounding nations. But never has it been more volatile than right now in Burma. The Thai Government are concerned about it, the Thai people are worried about it, China is doing nothing about it, and Myanmar is so far off to dictatorial right wing it rivals North Korea. It is ridiculous to suggest the election was rigged. The trumped up charges against Aung San Suu Kyi fool no one. Illegal PMR...

Borders, Baftas, and Biologics

Posted on 4th Jun 2020 by Chakers in United Kingdom.

What a year 2020 is proving to be. It's a strange world we find ourselves in where every Hollywood disaster movie unfolds into reality except for, and I genuinely have no idea why, sceptics and losers. Quite why some believe Covid-19 is the nineteenth edition I don't know. Why some believe it is a global Government scam to install 5G masts against the will of the people beats me. People refusing to wear face masks and Governments telling you not to wear face masks and laymen saying it is a flu virus and cannot kill and death certificates are being falsified to prove Novel Coronavirus is deadly. It is bewildering and amusing and...

What do you want?

Posted on 24th Mar 2019 by Chakers in Thailand.

The votes are in and being counted. Parties have been outlawed by the Military and members are all standing as independents. In Bangkok Lak Si there are 81 standing for selection. That's what happens when there is no party selection. It's a free for all. And every single one of those 81 are in it for themselves. Not one of them cares about politics or people or constituencies. They are in it to line their own pockets. This was not a good plan for an election. I can understand it. The last time there was a majority Government TRT won but the coalition of PTP led by Yingluck Shinawatra was big enough to both assemble a Government and abuse...